Investment Advisory Software

Providing client-oriented investment guidance

A Customer-centric  approach to investment

OLYMPIC Banking System empowers advisors to innovate and consolidate their unique approach to client services, using cutting-edge technology that complies with local and international investor protection regulations.

Advisors offer investment proposals suited to their clients’ specific objectives, and adapted over time. Seamless workflows enable smooth interactions and information sharing, speeding up client acceptance processes.


“We have very demanding clients, and many of the products we are offering require a high degree of attention to detail. We have selected ERI as our IT platform partner for the future on the basis of the international experience of their solution and the wide functional coverage the product offers.”

CEO of Warwyck Private Bank Ltd


Tailored investment advice

Reduce compliance risk

Automatically embed regulatory constraints into workflows, making sure the activities performed are fully compliant with all major regulatory initiatives. Ensure suitability with clients’ objectives and constraints.

Flexibility in client interactions

Access market data feeds and a wide range of asset classes to enable your customers to benefit from your institution’s expert advice.

Optimise investment proposal lifecycle

Cover the entire investment proposal lifecycle, from analysis to client acceptance.

Rich ecosystem

Integrated portfolio management features enable your institution to expand the services offered to the client.

Expert advice securing and growing your clients’ wealth

OLYMPIC Banking System delivers to financial advisors in one entry point, an integrated front-to-back solution  that perfectly fits and responds to their clients’ needs across the entire lifecycle:

Investment proposal lifecycle
Analyse and present a clear and consolidated view of the client’s financial situation: standing data, risk profile, current positions and exposure. Empower advisors to offer the most suitable investment proposal and high-quality investment advice based on the client’s profile.
Advisor calendar features include the ability to set tasks, income payment dates and document signature deadlines, etc. Documents to be signed by the client are automatically tracked.

Analysis of clients’ asset portfolios
Factor in client risk profiles and institution watch lists to produce detailed investment proposals that make decision-making easy for clients. Provide asset allocations based on portfolio models. Analyse deviation of portfolios vs models and realign. Analyse performance. Anticipate market changes and manage suitability risks.

Client asset portfolio monitoring
Ensure assets are aligned with the defined targets and risk level accepted by the client and the institution. Any anomalies are flagged on the advisor’s dashboard.

Simulation & Reporting
Produce portfolio simulations for prospects. Generate performance reports and statements. Share product catalogue and financial market data accessed online.

Order management
Order proposals require the client’s signed approval. Order collection is executed by the back-office. Share recommendation lists: buy, hold and sell. Manage pending orders.

The process is controlled and monitored throughout, providing full audit trails.

Compliant KYC processes 
Ensure compliance with the MiFID II and FATCA directives as well as anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

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