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Consumers use savings and deposit accounts to build funds flexibly for their short-term needs. Financial institutions rely on these savings and deposit accounts as an important source of funds that they can use for lending purposes.

All banks and credit unions offer deposit and savings accounts, whether they operate traditionally or as fully digital banking providers. To differentiate themselves from the competition, financial institutions, including investment firms, need to leverage the latest technologies and offer a seamless customer experience.



Create an innovative customer experience

Lower operating costs

Fully integrated workflows lower operating costs and reduce the risk of error.

Regulatory compliance

Automatically embed regulatory constraints into workflows, making sure all activities performed are fully compliant with the major local and international regulatory requirements.


The extensively parameter-driven solution allows institutions to respond quickly to new business opportunities, offering new savings products with a shorter time to market.

Real-time & omnichannel

Daily banking activities, such as valuations and transactions, can be performed on any device at any time.

Agility & scalability

Eliminate complexity with a scalable and integrated solution that delivers streamlined processes for increased operational efficiency.

Ecosystem connectivity

Connect all your deposit- and savings-related workflows with the desired digital channels and with third parties using APIs, in line with PSD2.

Optimised end-to-end workflows

OLYMPIC Banking System delivers an integrated solution that perfectly fits and responds to your needs:

Product lifecycle management
Manage product eligibility along with the conditions for opening an account, the terms of use (duration, minimum deposits, ceilings, withdrawals, premiums, penalties, etc.) and the associated contracts. Consolidate assets and savings for personalised client reporting.

Product definition engine
Institutions benefit from the flexibility of configuring new products within minutes, including medium-term notes, term deposits and passbook savings accounts, through to specialised products such as private plans or savings accounts combining saving and then lending phases. Create templates for easy and fast product duplication with a shorter time to market and automated management of product evolution. Manage a product catalogue, indicating the terms underpinning each product.

Treasury & cash-flow management
Automate liquidity management, including coupons, accruals and interests.

Operational risk management
Integrate MiFID regulatory constraints throughout the lifecycle and adapt to local regulatory requirements and market specificities.

Management of rights and roles
Manage the rights and roles of the various stakeholders (powers of attorney, multi-holder accounts, collateral, etc.). Provide secure access to accounts, signatures and documents submitted online.

Customers can access, transfer, debit or deposit money from deposit or savings accounts in the branch or via an ATM, e-banking or a direct deposit.

Event management
Manage incoming and outgoing transfers (one-off and recurring), withdrawals, closures of contracts early or at maturity, automatic renewals, periodic calculations of interest, deductions and capitalisation, holders and agents, pledges and guarantee arrangements, and changes to the remuneration conditions during the contract term (progressive rate, loyalty premium, etc.).

Fees and commissions
Manage remuneration conditions including the type of interest (fixed, variable, indexed, revisable, as a formula, applicable margins); calculate interest (frequency, calculation basis, pro rata and capitalisation methods, loyalty premiums); manage fees and taxes relating to the product (charges, penalties, VAT, deductions, etc.).

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