Open system architecture

A robust platform providing the flexibility to innovate


OLYMPIC Banking System enables omnichannel access and streamlined processes, built on a fully integrated platform using modern Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles. It is 100% thin-client, offering a responsive, user-friendly web interface and a wide range of capabilities:

Extended deployment flexibility

OLYMPIC Banking System inherently supports digital transformation. It can be deployed on a number of standard platforms, operating systems, DBMSs and application servers. It is available on Red Hat Linux, IBM i, IBM AIX, Microsoft Windows Servers and Oracle Solaris.

Scalability & performance

The platform is capable of supporting any type or size of organisation.

Fully integrated UX

A single responsive user interface, built to modern technology standards (HTML-5), enables users to move seamlessly between all functional areas.


The platform is fully secure, thanks to strict compliance with common best practices relating to access rights and authorisation management.

Relational database

OLYMPIC Banking System is RDBMS-agnostic and can be operated on any system running IBM Db2, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL.

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