OLYMPIC Banking System: Software as a Service

Simplify your  IT operations with a SaaS platform

Market competition is getting tougher while the demand for new products and services is increasing. In such a context, banks and financial institutions drive their attention towards SaaS solutions. Such type of solutions will, in fact, enable them to focus more on their customers and business growth strategy.

OLYMPIC Banking System is available as a SaaS solution. In other words institutions can access ERI’s solutions without having to install and run applications on their own IT infrastructures. Indeed, institutions opt for this cost-effective, reliable and secure delivery model to gain agility for their business.

Institutions looking to optimise productivity and efficiency leverage enterprise connectivity (via APIs) to streamline their business models and offer better services at more competitive prices.

Focus on customers

In a SaaS model, the technology increases transparency for the customer. It also enables institutions to free up resources for their core business. The SaaS platform covers a full spectrum of activities, from IT infrastructure outsourcing to application operation (AO) and application management (AM) .

Reduced operating costs

Gain access to the highest standard of IT system operation. Manage updates smoothly and eliminate costly in-house data centre management. In a SaaS model, institutions are better positioned to address their customer servicing needs at a lower cost, whether they use a public or private cloud.

Robust & secure application management

Comprehensive managed services cover the whole production management lifecycle. These services are supported by service level indicators, enabling efficient activity management.

Automated infrastructure monitoring

Manage security at enterprise level, thanks to SaaS. Disaster recovery protocols are managed in case of system failure, keeping business data secured at all times to achieve high availability (HA) thanks to storage and back-ups. Services provided to monitor and manage IT architecture include: virtualisation, networks, operating systems, servers, middleware and runtime.

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