Core Banking Platform

An agile digital platform streamlining the bank’s core business activities

Open Banking and disruptive technologies

New entrants to the banking and financial services industry have made disruptive technology and open banking mainstream. At the same time shifts in customer expectations and behaviours have equally set new standards that rise above those of a traditional banking approach.

OLYMPIC Banking System, with its wide range of functions and state-of-the art technology, responds to the challenges of different banking and financial sectors. Whether your institution is a central bank, a credit union or a business focusing on retail banking, private banking, corporate banking, brokerage or custody services, OLYMPIC Banking System helps you streamline and digitise complex processes from front to back office, unlocking your institution’s full growth potential.

Leverage cloud computing and a SaaS model to achieve operational efficiencies and future-proof profitability. Legacy systems, meanwhile, can hinder digital acceleration and the move towards a lean and agile business model.


An integrated, real-time core leveraging the latest technologies

Lower operating costs

Faster and easier implementation delivers seamless processes, driving automation at scale and allowing staff to focus on the key business objective: client satisfaction.

Personalised services

Consolidate and analyse data to respond to clients’ specific needs, increasing customer acquisition and loyalty thanks to a quicker, smoother experience regardless of the channel used.

Agility & Scalability

Eliminate complexity and ensure 24×7 business continuity with a scalable and integrated solution. Standardise your IT service by leveraging a SaaS model for increased operational efficiency and workforce productivity.

Real-time STP

Future-proof your business by providing the right data, information or service at the right time.

Leaving legacy behind

Replace high-maintenance hardware with the flexibility of running your services from the cloud, setting the pace for next-gen banking and reducing the time to market.

Diversified servicing

The extensive set of functionalities offered by APIs will allow banks and financial institutions to widen their service offerings and attract new customer segments.

Eliminate compliance risks

Automatically embed regulatory constraints into workflows, making sure the activities performed are fully compliant with all major regulatory and legal initiatives.

A robust and agile platform

OLYMPIC Banking System delivers to banks and financial institutions a comprehensive and integrated solution, in one entry point, that fits perfectly and responds to their clients’ needs across the entire lifecycle:

Streamlined & flexible
Benefit from a single, centralised entry point, allowing institutions to connect and reconcile with satellite and ancillary solutions. Benefit from international best practices and know-how to streamline workflows.

An open architecture
Harmonise and enrich user experiences, simplify workflows and easily integrate fintech applications thanks to APIs.

Manage a unified database as the single source of truth for your data so that you can stay in control and ensure data consistency and security.

Providing support for multi-currency, multi-language, multi-entity, and multi-time zone requirements, adapting to each client’s specific business requirements.

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