We believe that we are stronger together:
achieving objectives through close collaboration with our clients


OLYMPIC Banking System

Our ambition is to deliver a unique solution – OLYMPIC Banking System – that constantly evolves and adapts to meet financial institutions’ critical requirements and responds to the constraints and challenges of the market.


Over the years, thanks to a strong team spirit, ERI has built up solid expertise by envisioning future enhancements realistically while ensuring the efficiency of the existing product for our clients’ day-to-day use. All our achievements are driven by our total dedication to providing the highest level of service.

One of the reasons for our success is the fact that we remain in touch with the realities of the market. The close cooperation between us and our clients and partners ensures that our solutions are in line with market needs.

Our clients trust us to empower them with flexible problem-solving tools that enable them to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate their own customers’ needs.

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