Regulatory Requirements

Ensuring compliance through entire processes, without the burden

Optimised efficiency

The fast-moving regulatory landscape is considered a key source of costly and time-consuming operational changes. However, the risk of breaching compliance has a much larger impact on banks and financial institutions.

Non-compliant products or services represent a significant operational risk given the penalties involved, and have a reputational impact too.

OLYMPIC Banking System helps banks and financial institutions embed and manage regulatory constraints and workflows in front-to-back processes, ensuring full compliance with local and international regulations.


Smooth integration of changes in your regulatory framework

Lower operating costs

Fully integrate regulatory requirements and workflows to minimise manual processing and reduce errors, thereby lowering operational costs. Multi-entity capabilities enable institutions to manage multiple countries’ regulatory requirements using a single system, and thus reduce costs.


The extensive parameter-driven system enables institutions to respond quickly to new regulatory requirements, whether these are specific to the market or geographical location or mandatory at international level. The automated processes allow banks to implement new regulatory constraints smoothly and efficiently.

Ecosystem connectivity

Connectivity with all relevant stakeholders, including supervisory bodies and third-party compliance solution partners, covering the full scope of business needs.

Optimised end-to-end workflows

OLYMPIC Banking System delivers to banks and financial institutions an integrated solution, in one entry point, that responds perfectly to regulatory needs:

Client compliance
Manage regulatory requirements relating to consumer protection (GDPR, Suitability) along with tax-related regulations (CRS, FATCA) in the context of the automatic exchange of information. Ensure the traceability of data thanks to secure audit trails, and monitor users’ access rights and authorisations.

Compliance of banks and financial institutions
Manage data needed to support regulatory reporting to supervisory bodies as well as to Central Banks (COREP, FINREP, Basel III, MiFID, EMIR, PSD2).

Financial crime compliance
Embed regulatory requirements into your transaction processing workflows, including automated AML, KYC and fraud sanctions screening (anti-terrorism financing, financial crime).

Accounting compliance
Integrate IFRS regulatory constraints throughout the bookkeeping process to adapt to local regulatory requirements and market specificities.

Easily connect with RegTechs
Benefit from connectivity with a rich ecosystem of RegTech solution providers, covering a large number of market-specific regulatory requirements.

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