Customer engagement

Build a client-centric experience at each step of the customer journey

Reinventing the customer experience

Shifting client expectations and behaviours have deeply impacted the way banks address their clients’ needs for more convenience and personalisation. The speed at which technology is changing their sector has forced banks and financial institutions to modernise their business models.

Personalised client servicing has become the main differentiator to help banks build trust and loyalty. Technology is instrumental in achieving this transformation and providing services that deliver convenience and simplify daily banking activities. Moreover, capturing behavioural insights will enable banks to create seamless and user-friendly digital services customised to their clients’ needs.

Managing CRM and on-boarding processes can be extremely time-consuming, and often results in prospects and clients moving to a competitor if not performed efficiently. Client engagement is not limited to the bank’s clients; it is also important for all stakeholders and third parties interacting with the bank.


“We’re extremely proud of our partnership with ERI and the value it will bring to our clients as we grow from strength to strength.”
– Duke Pollard,

CEO of Capital Markets Elite Group Limited


Automated customer relationship management

Agility & scalability

Eliminate complexity with a scalable and integrated solution and streamlined processes for increased operational efficiency, so that you can focus on your client.

Personalised digital services

Consolidate and analyse data to respond to client-specific needs, increasing customer acquisition and loyalty thanks to a quicker, smoother experience regardless of the channel used.

Data integration & a single data source

Easily segment clients thanks to the CRM application: customer data can be integrated throughout the entire customer lifecycle, covering front-to-back-office activities and ensuring data continuity and integrity.


Quick and easy access to accounts and data on the client’s preferred device.

Leaving legacy behind

Streamline and automate processes to significantly improve operational efficiency. Replace high-maintenance hardware with the flexibility of running your services from the cloud, setting the pace for next-gen banking.

Open ecosystem

The extensive set of functionalities offered by APIs will allow banks and financial institutions to widen their service offerings and attract new customer segments.

Compliance risks

Automatically embed regulatory constraints into workflows, making sure the activities performed are fully compliant with all major regulatory and legislative initiatives, including FATCA and CRS. 

A holistic approach to client lifecycle management

The OLYMPIC Banking System’s integrated CRM application provides banks and financial institutions with technology that facilitates, strengthens and improves their processes, including:

Define and set up processes from prospect to client, including defining the number of stages. Mandatory and user-definable documents and automated checklists (including watch lists) can be attached to each stage of the on-boarding process. Validation processes can be defined in the workflow. Embed AML and KYC compliance screenings in the client-identifying data (CID) file.

Client relationship management
Manage data and workflows (including power of attorney) for physical persons, legal entities and counterparties. Automate tasks and benefit from prospecting tools. Hold historical relationship data and manage relations linked to the client.

A 360° client dashboard
Enjoy a consolidated view of clients’ accounts, data and portfolios, thanks to pre-defined and responsive widgets. Customise views by user profile and by client.

Task management
Plan and automate tasks and activities allocated to the client, including setting up alerts (for visit reports, follow-ups, proposals etc.) integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Automate all necessary reporting, tailored to your clients’ needs.

Document lifecycle management
Generate and manage workflows of documents related to the client. Manage deadlines, authentications and channel access. Integrate easily with third-party document management systems.

Risk profile & tax
Risk profiles can be built using a customisable online questionnaire. Responses are weighted and scored, enabling the automatic association of an investment profile. The entire process is compliant with FATCA and CRS regulations.

Confidentiality & security
Customer data is encrypted or anonymised, depending on the user’s role and corresponding authorisations.

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