Commercial Banks

Rapid and secure financing processes, optimised liquidity management

Game-changing differentiators

The business model of Commercial Banks relies heavily on close connections with their customers, who perform most banking operations themselves using freely accessible products and services provided by the bank.

Seamless data availability and access to tailored products are pivotal for effective and relevant decision-making, enabling fast and secure processing of operations. However, this also raises concerns around security issues like authentication, as incidents of fraud and identity theft continue to increase in number and complexity.

As they face increased competition, frequently from disruptive technology providers, Commercial Banks must unlock key differentiators to stand out from the crowd, demonstrating that they can best respond to the business needs and requirements of their clients.

Agile technology will enable the transformation of their operating model. Efficiently offloading legacy systems to digitalise and automate core processes will be instrumental in optimising operational efficiency, empowering institutions to develop unparalleled commitment to entrepreneurs.


“We are proud to partner with ERI and ITpoint, two well-established and recognised companies. We will benefit from their expertise and professional support in order to optimise and streamline our processes. This will enable us to offer our customers a comprehensive, enhanced, value-added service.”

– Management,

of UBL Switzerland AG

OLYMPIC Banking System for Commercial Banks

OLYMPIC Banking System delivers the solution that best fits and responds to Commercial Banks’ needs:

Cash management
Facilitate day-to-day banking activities by offering secure online access for daily account and cash management.

Offer a comprehensive range of financing solutions, from loan origination through to automated loan opening and drawdown monitoring. Define your own products, along with the associated characteristics and fees.

Payments & remittances
Process domestic and international payments by clearing using configurable transaction types. The processing of standing orders, direct debits, bulk payments, cash, cheques and drafts as well as SEPA, SCT and SDD requirements are covered.


Trade Finance
Facilitate international trade financing via a comprehensive range of services, including export financing, international transfers, issuing of guarantees, letters of credit (standby, travelling, confirmed/ unconfirmed) and documentary collection.

Risk management
Enable risk mitigation by providing bank guarantees, forex hedging and fraud prevention.

Cash-flow processes are managed using predictive analysis – from order input, via middle-office execution, through to back-office accounting and settlement – using configurable transaction types. Enables centralised cash pooling of the accounts of a group’s subsidiaries.


An agile and flexible platform


Customisable functions cover a wide variety of products, including the management of fees and commissions.


Secure and robust technology capable of supporting high transaction volumes.

Real-time STP

Available across transaction processing, messaging and payments, contributing to quick, effective decisions.

Open ecosystem

Built on a rich ecosystem giving customers access to extensive added-value services.


Extensive checks and controls are performed across the whole customer and transaction lifecycle.


Products and workflows can be customised to optimise activities within the bank and for its customers.

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