Credit Institutions

Improve operational efficiency and deliver a digitally focused personalised member experience

Technology delivering profitability

Flexibility and connectivity provided by technology empowers credit unions, SACCOs (Savings and Credit Cooperatives) and microfinance institutions to adapt their business models and deliver targeted products and services faster at a lower cost.

Credit Unions & SACCOs
Credit Unions and SACCOs need to deliver a more digitally focused member experience to retain and grow membership in a sustainable and competitive way. Personalised products and services are no longer just “nice to have”, they enable institutions to retain and increase profits, attracting new members searching for dependable, modern customer services.

Microfinance Institutions
Microfinance Institutions are striving to facilitate financial inclusion by serving unbanked segments. Automating and streamlining their processes will enable these institutions to evolve their business models and adapt their offerings to new customer segments while keeping their operating costs down.


OLYMPIC Banking System for Credit Unions & Microfinance

OLYMPIC Banking System delivers a solution that responds to the growing needs and challenges faced by Credit Unions, SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions:

Manage member data and events seamlessly with a 360° view of their information.
KYC & AML processes embrace digital for omnichannel interactions at each step.

Execute specific transactions, check accounts, generate statements and documents, and access lending services. All this using a single secure sign-on and a single source of data available across all channels.

Savings & Deposits
Make deposits and manage member savings accounts through channels such as e-banking, mobile banking, ATMs and tellers. Applied interest rates and fee and commission structures can be easily defined and customised to meet an institution’s specific requirements.

Manage automated loan applications. Simulate repayment plans and credit approval workflows. Manage and upload documents throughout the loan origination process.

Process local and international payments via local clearing using configurable transaction types.

Teller management
Manage cash positions for different locations including vaults, central cash desks, tellers, and cash in-transit. All movements can be logged and accounted for automatically.

Regulatory requirements
Facilitate the transition from a less regulated to a highly regulated environment. Provide data conformity at the country level that enables institutions to meet their regulatory requirements.


An agile & flexible platform

Reduced operational risk

Full regulatory compliance is ensured across the whole customer and transaction lifecycle to better identify areas of risks (including watchlist screening, KYC and AML).


Provide an extensive range of fully customisable business functions and services through high-end integration. Respond to the needs of each customer segment and cover front-to-back operational requirements.


Secure and robust technology architecture that is capable of supporting high volumes of transactions and data.

Real-time STP

Rethink and implement processes driven by efficiency, allowing automated, seamless and optimised operating models.


Use a public or private cloud to lower complexity and risk for faster and streamlined operational processes in a SaaS model.

Open ecosystem

Integration with third-party systems gives members access to extensive added-value services within an intuitive user interface.


Using a sophisticated parameter-driven approach, OLYMPIC Banking System offers clients the flexibility to respond quickly to requirements and adapt to local and international financial environments.

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