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OLYMPIC Architecture

The OLYMPIC Banking System has been designed using modern multi-tier Java-based SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) compliant principles. It is 100% thin-client based, with an advanced Web User Portal Interface.

  • Platform independent
  • N-tier architecture
  • Highly customisable
  • Intuitive "look & feel"
  • Open and based on industry standards (J2EE, Java, XML, Web services)

The OLYMPIC Banking System Presentation and Integration Logic layers are contained within a web application installable on any major web application server. These two layers are SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based and Java compliant. The OLYMPIC Banking System's SOA technology allows the system readily to inter-operate with existing software and external networks. This enables functionally specific OLYMPIC Banking System components to provide “niche” processing to augment an institution's current core systems, rather than replacing them. This allows institutions to add selected OLYMPIC Banking System SOA components to the existing core system and be able to answer business needs. The OLYMPIC Banking System can be run on any J2EE application server, such as WebSphere or WebLogic, with presentation based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm.

There is a single common user interface, allowing users to move seamlessly between all functional areas, with no requirement to sign in and out of application silos, as happens with some legacy systems.

The OLYMPIC Banking System's Business Logic layer also operates in the above architecture. Unlike many other products, processing rules are not included in the database as stored procedures. This allows the OLYMPIC Banking System the flexibility to move easily between different infrastructure platforms (System i, AIX, Linux etc.) and database technologies.

All OLYMPIC Banking System data is stored in a single relational database management system. The Database layer can run on IBM DB2 and Oracle DB (with Oracle RAC for high availability and scalability), and potentially on a wider range of database management systems such as MS SQL etc.

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OLYMPIC Supported Platforms
The OLYMPIC Banking System's components can be installed and operated on a number of standard platforms, operating systems, DBMS and Application Servers. It is certified on IBM i, IBM AIX, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Exadata, and Microsoft Windows Servers.

ERI and IBM have been cooperating for many years and have great experience in providing business solutions to the financial services industry.

The OLYMPIC Banking System is available on IBM Power Systems and operates with i5/OS as well as AIX or Red Hat Linux. The solution uses IBM DB2 as a central database and is validated by IBM as “Ready for DB2”. The WebSphere Application Server is the main component used to run the application.

The OLYMPIC Banking System runs on Oracle Database 11gR2 and 12c and Oracle WebLogic 11gR1. The latest release of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is also supported either by using an Oracle Hotspot virtual machine or by using an Oracle JRockit virtual machine in an Intel/Windows environment.

OLYMPIC Banking System fully supports Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic cloud , Oracle SPARC Supercluster as well as Oracle Solaris 11.

The OLYMPIC Banking System runs on Linux on various hardware platforms. Red Hat Linux (RHL) has been successfully implemented on several OLYMPIC Banking System sites. The Application Server can be IBM WebSphere or Oracle WebLogic, although Apache Tomcat or any other J2EE Application Server could be used (JBoss, Glassfish).

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In addition to being available for install in-house, OLYMPIC’s integrated, scalable, web browser-based 24x7 real-time architecture is also available on an outsourced ASP/IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) “Private Cloud” basis in order to minimise costs and reduce start-up time. This approach offers all of the facilities of conventional Cloud implementations, plus additional benefits specific to banks and financial institutions:

  • Security and resilience exceed the recommendations of regulators.
  • With the OLYMPIC Private Cloud solution, not only can the servers and data location be specified exactly, but the servers and data storage can be kept in a secure and locked environment, accessible only to authorised personnel.
  • The outsourced “Private Cloud” architecture can provide access to various financial gateways, such as to SWIFT and to central securities depositories.
  • Your OLYMPIC Private Cloud is accessible to you alone, meaning that optimal performance is guaranteed.

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