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8th Annual Private Banking & Wealth Management Switzerland Conference And Awards 2023

Zurich Marriott Hotel, Zürich


PROVEN Group expands the use of OLYMPIC Banking System to three additional companies

ERI is proud to announce that PROVEN Group, a leading financial institution operating across multiple countries in the Caribbean, has chosen to expand the use of its core technology platform, OLYMPIC Banking System, to three new banking and wealth management entities in the Caribbean region.


T+1: Everything, everywhere, all at once

We may not have to deal with inter-dimensional post-trade, just yet. However, a recent Citi Securities Services survey reported that close to 90 percent of respondents expect their local settlement cycles to shorten to T+0 or T+1 within the next five years. In the current T+2 world, once instructions are sent to custodians then, if there is a problem, it will become apparent the next day and may still be corrected and settled in time. In contrast, T+1 actually requires a T+0 approach, underpinned by technology to support continuous real-time processes, as the window for reconciling and settling trades is compressed to same-day. Here, ERI’s Alan Goodrich explores the path to implementing a technology solution that meets the future; everything, everywhere, all at once requirements.


Maximising The Benefits of “As-A-Service” Models

These days we hear a lot about Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, all the way through to Banking-as-a-Service. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every institution, is there?



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