Conversational Banking puts clients first – loyalty will follow

A lot is said (and rightly so) about the growing needs and expectations of clients: the daily demands for speed and flexibility to support their...


Des modèles de services hybrides – un scénario gagnant-gagnant

Avec une stratégie évolutive en place, une institution peut plus facilement adapter son modèle de service pour répondre aux demandes futures.


Modern Wealth Manager, Private Banker or Ambassador of Quan?

In order to remain profitable and relevant, the providers of private banking and wealth management products and services are having to reinvent themselves as part of their digital transformation journey. Alan Goodrich, at ERI, suggests that becoming the client’s Ambassador of Quan holds the key.


The T+1 drama: No time to fail

According to recent statistics, despite measures like the EU’s CSDR regulations that were intended to improve settlement efficiency, the rate of failures has actually increased, not come down. The US, Canada and India all have firm plans for the introduction of T+1. The pressure is mounting on Europe to follow suit. As a result, the topic is being given an increasing amount of airtime and is the subject of intense discussion. Regulation, so far, does not appear to be solving the issue. So, asks ERI’s Alan Goodrich … what will?


Optez pour un Core Banking agile !

Bénéficiez d’un haut niveau d’automatisation dans un environnement cohérent

L’automatisation pour des processus opérationnels optimisés

Des risques et des coûts maîtrisés pour une efficacité optimale

Une flexibilité inégalée grâce au SaaS

L’innovation comme moteur de votre croissance