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PRODUCT - Functions

Consumer & Corporate Lending

The OLYMPIC Banking System has a dedicated set of functions aimed specifically at the management of loans, from the client's application through to the final maturity of the loan. From an administrative point of view, loan applications can be managed from the first contact with the client through to the opening of a credit facility.

Functional coverage includes :

  • Client Questionnaire and Document Administration
  • Management of the receipt of loan applications, by compiling the information provided by the client and storing any supporting documents provided
  • Preparing financing plans
  • Simulating repayment plans
  • Managing the internal progress of loan applications based on the approvals needed
  • Collateral control – lending valuation, overdraft monitoring
  • Charges and fees
  • Rates management – fixed, variable, floating
  • Instalment monitoring and default management

In addition, the Loans Origination functionaliy within the OLYMPIC Banking System covers the complete commercial life-cycle of a loan, starting from first-step credit application through credit approval and management to final contract settlement.

The functionality is split into 3 layers:

  • Front Office
    • CRM
    • Control and analysis of the documents submitted with the loan application
    • Control of the loan, its terms and the associated regulations
    • Loan acceptance/refusal
    • Automatic generation and management of user-definable, customer-related correspondence and document flow
    • Preparation of financing scheme and redemption plan
    • Generation of loan proposal for the client
    • Transfer to the credit committee for final approval

  • Middle Office
    • Control and validation of the credit portfolio
    • Initialization of funds
    • Control of documents submitted
    • Making funds available
    • Automatic transfer of funds

  • Back Office
    • Repayment and administrative follow-up
    • Payments at maturity
    • Generation of statements
    • Modification of interest rate
    • Control of collateral
    • Management of arrears of debt/legal department
    • Management of renewals
    • Management of loan expiry/roll-over/renewal
    • Cashier and vault management.

Consumer & Corporate Lending - OLYMPIC Banking System