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2018-06-13: WealthBriefing Asia Awards 2018 - ERI winner in the Transaction Processing category
2018-05-02: Successful completion of a Proof of Concept Riskifier with the OLYMPIC Banking System
2018-05-01: WealthBriefing European Awards 2018 - ERI winner in the Transaction Processing category
2018-04-23: Emerging Trends in Relationship Management
2018-03-27: 4L TROPHY 2018 - The adventure is over !
2018-03-15: ERI & Sequrest: A partnership for a full range of cyber security solutions
2018-02-16: WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2018 - ERI winner in the Front-Office category
2017-12-14: ERI NEWSLETTER Autumn Winter
2017-11-13: Warwyck Private Bank Ltd, Mauritius, chooses the OLYMPIC Banking System
2017-09-11: Banque Burundaise pour le Commerce et l’Investissement chooses the OLYMPIC Banking System
2017-08-30: ERI and SWISSCOM unveil ITO & BPO offering
2017-07-17: 25th Interbank Challenge - ERI Trophy
2017-06-12: WealthBriefing Asian Awards 2017 - Portfolio Management" category
2017-05-23: ERI has joined the F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator
2017-05-19: ERI wins the "Transaction Processing Solution" category WealthBriefing Award
2017-03-13: 4L TROPHY 2017 - A charitable, human and sporting adventure
2017-02-20: ERI Newsletter Autumn Winter
2016-12-13: OLYMPIC Banking System Market Leader in a 2016 KPMG survey
2016-11-07: SIBOS 2016 - Jean-Philippe Bersier interview
2016-11-07: SIBOS 2016 - Nicholas Hacking Interview
2016-10-24: Banca Consulia selects the OLYMPIC Banking System ADVISORY solution
2016-10-05: The OLYMPIC Banking System at ERI client CapitalAtWork Luxembourg
2016-09-28: BNP Paribas Wealth Management in Taiwan
2016-09-12: BGL BNP Paribas Luxembourg live on OLYMPIC Banking System
2016-08-26: ERI NEWSLETTER - SUMMER 2016
2016-07-20: Asia WealthBriefing Awards 2016
2016-07-20: The OLYMPIC Banking System chosen by Cidel Group
2016-07-04: Monaco Inter Banks Challenge - Trophy ERI
2016-06-22: Very well attended ERI conference in Hanoi, Vietnam
2016-05-27: ERI wins the "Portfolio Management" category
2016-05-02: NEWSLETTER ERI - Spring 2016
2016-03-23: 4L TROPHY 2016 Road Map
2016-03-17: OLYMPIC Banking System: the leading private banking solution
2016-02-17: The 4L Trophy is underway!
2016-01-29: PRIMO CUP Monaco
2016-01-21: Raid 4L TROPHY 2016
2015-06-23: Inter Banks Challenge Monaco ERI TROPHY
2015-05-04: WealthBriefing Hong Kong Awards 2015
2015-04-17: ERI and Kobil: a partnership for enhanced e-banking and mobile banking security
2015-04-10: WealthBriefing Swiss Awards 2015
2015-03-12: 4L TROPHY 2015 - Road Map
2014-11-26: WealthBriefing Awards 2014 in the GCC
2014-08-14: Highly automated STP processes for Corporate Actions wins ERI an Award
2014-08-07: OLYMPIC Banking System launched as Bank-in-a-Box Cloud Solution in the UK
2014-06-25: A string of international awards for ERI
2014-06-17: OLYMPIC 6th at the Bol d’Or out of 53 boats in its category
2014-06-13: ERI best in the "Transaction Processing" and Portfolio Management categories
2014-06-02: European WealthBriefing Awards 2014
2014-05-12: 2014 Wealthbriefing Award Switzerland and Liechtenstein
2014-03-25: OLYMPIC Banking System maintains its leadership in the Core Banking System market
2014-03-20: MOBILE BANKING
2014-02-07: ERI to market SOFGEN's SaveTax to OLYMPIC Banking System users
2014-01-31: PRIMO CUP MONACO 2014
2013-10-25: Publi Forum Schweizer Bank Nov 2013
2013-10-21: Banco Itaú (Suisse) S.A., Zurich chooses OLYMPIC Banking System®
2013-06-18: New go-live in Morocco at the CDG Group
2013-06-14: The largest number of installations for core systems
2013-05-15: Nepal Rastra Bank goes live on the OLYMPIC Banking System
2013-05-08: ERI winner of the 2013 WealthBriefing Award
2013-03-11: SEB Norway chooses the OLYMPIC Banking System
2013-02-12: OLYMPIC Banking System achieves ORACLE status
2013-02-08: MOVENTUM installs successfully the latest OLYMPIC version
2013-01-09: Bank Frick installs successfully the latest OLYMPIC version
2012-12-21: AP Anlage & Privatbank installs the latest OLYMPIC version
2012-12-06: Central Bank of Djibouti chooses the OLYMPIC Banking System
2012-11-13: OLYMPIC Banking System: another go live in Morocco
2012-07-09: ERI and IMTF Partnership: ECM capability
2012-05-30: First Win for the OLYMPIC Banking System in Indonesia
2012-05-23: OLYMPIC Banking System available on ASP basis in Switzerland
2012-04-24: OLYMPIC certified by ORACLE
2012-04-05: Voiles et Voiliers article
2012-02-21: Conference in Sao Paulo
2012-01-19: Turicum Private Bank migration to OLYMPIC new version
2012-01-10: PRIMO CUP 2012 Monaco
2011-09-02: SG Hambros has implemented the Credit Module
2011-08-29: Centrale Bank van Suriname goes live
2011-06-22: Nepal Rastra Bank signs for the OLYMPIC Banking System
2011-03-16: Centrum Bank successfully migrates to OLYMPIC Banking System
2011-02-17: ASED Final report Androhibe Madagascar
2010-07-08: Madagascar humanitarian project
2010-07-08: Support Report - Armenia Haghartsin Kindergarten
2010-03-30: OLYMPIC top rated for Private Banking by IBS
2010-03-19: Andbanc has chosen OLYMPIC for its branch in Panama
2009-12-22: Validation of OLYMPIC on IBM POWER System p AIX servers
2009-12-17: Bordier International successfully upgrades to OLYMPIC Banking System latest version
2009-12-16: Successful go live of OLYMPIC in southern Africa
2009-12-03: OLYMPIC into production at Morocco's Trésorerie Générale
2009-12-01: ABN AMRO Dubai goes live on the OLYMPIC Banking System
2009-11-26: Centrale Bank van Suriname signs for OLYMPIC Banking System
2009-11-24: KPMG Survey - OLYMPIC Leader in Luxembourg
2009-11-16: SCS Alliance selects OLYMPIC Banking System
2009-11-09: UIB Curacao Operations successfully started on OLYMPIC
2009-11-03: Private Banking Congress Shanghai
2009-10-06: Interview N. Hacking & U. Schwarz at SIBOS Hong Kong
2009-07-06: Joint Solution for Funds ERI - SWIFT
2009-05-05: ACM has selected OLYMPIC Banking System
2009-05-05: Hottinger & Cie, live on the OLYMPIC Banking System
2009-04-06: ERI and SWIFT ready to roll-out a joint-solution Funds distribution
2009-02-17: PRIMO CUP MONACO - OLYMPIC in 2nd place !
2009-01-22: Axis Bank Singapore goes live on the OLYMPIC Banking System
2008-09-25: SG Hambros smoothly migrates ex-ABN Amro Gibraltar
2008-07-14: AXIS Press release - IBS e-newsletter
2008-01-18: HOTTINGER & CIE CHOOSES OLYMPIC Banking System
2007-03-19: MEFTEC 2007
2006-02-07: VAN LANSCHOT has chosen OLYMPIC Banking System
2006-01-04: SG Private Banking Singapore has chosen the OLYMPIC
2005-11-10: SG Nassau has chosen the OLYMPIC Banking System
2002-07-05: IBM grants an Award to ERI
2002-05-25: ERI Luxembourg wins the MEDIA PRIZE

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