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The recent financial crisis has had a major impact on practices of central banks and other government agencies. Central banks need to be able to react quickly to changing market conditions and regulatory frameworks. They have to face new challenges such as handling more complex instruments and enforcing strict compliance processes.

The OLYMPIC Banking System is a browser-based, fully integrated, online, real-time, front-to-back and parameter-driven solution. With OLYMPIC for Central Banks, central banks are equipped with the right information to make decisions in real-time. The system supports the needs of a wide range of users from the front, middle and back office with a broad range of instruments and functionality.

The OLYMPIC Banking System's high levels of flexibility and powerful management facilities have enabled ERI to develop a specialized version for the central bank and statutory authority market. It includes all relevant standard OLYMPIC functionality, together with functions developed specifically to meet the unique requirements of central banks.

ERI has made a long term commitment to central banks. The OLYMPIC Banking System is a unique, proven industry solution that supports all asset classes, manages risk and performance, and helps optimise returns. For central banks, it provides business process support for reserve management, monetary policy execution, asset management and banking services.

The OLYMPIC Banking System for Central Banks configuration has been installed successfully in a growing number of central banks around the world.

Central Bank - OLYMPIC Banking System answers the needs of central banks