How ERI Supports Banks In Future-Proofing Their Operating Model Through Technology

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Adam Kasraoui

Sales Manager, ERI

What was the winning formula of your firm/you that explains why you won?

In today’s dynamic landscape, banks and financial institutions must adapt their operating models to ensure sustainable growth and competitiveness amidst a crowded and aggressive market. This includes both traditional and non- traditional players vying for market share and customer attention.

By embracing an open platform for innovation, institutions can effectively manage their operational costs while staying ahead of the curve. For Private Banks and Wealth Managers, optimising operational efficiency through automation and process streamlining is key. This allows them to focus on delivering exceptional client service while exploring new revenue streams through expanded service offerings and product diversification made possible by seamless API integration.

Moreover, investing in a modern and scalable IT infrastructure, complemented by robust process automation driven by the OLYMPIC Banking System, is essential for risk mitigation and regulatory compliance. This ensures that mandatory regulatory requirements are seamlessly integrated across the entire client lifecycle, from front-end interactions to back-office processes.

What are you going to do to remain competitive and stay ahead?

We remain vigilant in tracking the evolving needs and challenges of the market, particularly noting the growing demand among wealth managers for advanced data analytics and technology solutions, possibly powered by AI. These tools are essential for crafting bespoke investment strategies, financial planning, and reporting that cater to the unique requirements of each client, all while staying compliant with the latest regulatory mandates.

Technology platforms should enable seamless data consolidation and ensure end-to-end accuracy, empowering financial institutions to adapt seamlessly to regulatory changes. For instance, with the recent incorporation of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into MiFID2 regulations, the OLYMPIC Banking System is well-equipped to support institutions in aligning their operations with sustainable practices.

Furthermore, in response to Consumer Duty regulations highlighting the importance of operational resilience, our system offers robust solutions to safeguard uninterrupted service delivery while prioritising consumer protection and operational continuity.

As clients increasingly seek digital platforms for investment tracking and communication with advisors, investing in cutting-edge technology has become imperative for maintaining competitiveness and fostering growth. This commitment to technological advancement not only sets banks apart but also serves as a catalyst for expansion while upholding stringent standards of security and privacy.

What sort of challenges did you surmount to reach this level and how have you been able to succeed in such fast-moving circumstances?

ERI aids banks and financial institutions on their journey toward digital transformation. Private banks are currently grappling with the largest generational wealth transfer witnessed in decades. Modern technology is essential for meeting the needs and expectations of Generation Z, including interactive advisory services and access to essential banking services on-demand. Addressing these trends and challenges necessitates that private banks and wealth managers in the UK prioritise innovation, regulatory compliance, client engagement, and operational excellence to maintain competitiveness and meet evolving client needs.

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