Bol d’Or MIRABAUD 2021


BOL D’OR MIRABAUD, 12-13 June 2021
Saturday 12 June at 10am
82nd edition, starting at the Société Nautique de Genève (SNG)

Based on actual race time, we came 66th out of the 219 boats that finished the race (about 400 had started) and 7th out of 50 in our category. In corrected time, we ranked 56th and 9th respectively.

The “Dream Team” representing OLYMPIC was made up of:

Frédéric Saudan
Patrick Jacquet
François-Louis Mayor
Charlie Dupertuis
Philippe Kolly
Philippe Dupont
Bjorn Van Mathysen

Renovation of primary classrooms at PYDS school

Dehradun / India

The PYDS (Purkal Youth Development Society) project in Dehradun, India, supported by ERI to renovate 5 primary classrooms is now complete and has provided the children with a pleasant, clean, appropriate and stimulating new environment.
This is a decisive element in convincing local parents to send their children to school and it also contributes to the students enjoying school and continuing their education afterwards.

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ASED 10 years of partnership

Geneva / Switzerland

By supporting ASED, we are helping numerous children and young adults to receive an appropriate education, improving the quality of life of young people with disabilities, supporting young mothers…

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Cape Town / South Africa

Afternoon Angels is an initiative supported by Ikamva Labantu, a South African association, that aims to keep schoolchildren in the slums of Cape Town safe after school.

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