Lake Geneva

It was a good day of sailing. First, the rain had the courtesy to call a truce for the duration of the race, and second, we sailed rather well.

We got off to an excellent start. During the 5 hours and 40 minutes of racing that followed, we managed to tack downward following the whims of the wind. Around 4:40 pm, a strong westerly wind arose, making our last ten minutes under spinnaker quite interesting.

At 100 meters from the finish line, the squalls started to rage. Judging by the looks of the swinging boats in front of us, with trawling spinnakers and other such acrobatics, we decided to lower our spinnaker. We crossed the finish line under mainsail alone, still at nearly 10 knots.

Next, all we had to do was to return to Geneva by tacking in the gale.

In the end, we finished 2nd in scratch time and 2nd in compensated time out of our class of thirteen competitors.

Congratulations to the team on your strong performance!

Valeria Chichernea
Patrick Jacquet (aka Papy)
François-Louis Mayor (aka Li’l Louis)
Philippe Koehli
Olivier Georges
Paulo Robalo
Frédéric Saudan

4L Trophy 2022

The event was cancelled in 2021 due to the public health situation, and after being postponed again this year, ERI was finally at the starting line for the 2022 edition which took place from May 5th to May 15th.

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Bol d’Or MIRABAUD 2022

The regatta was a very, very long one.
For this Bol d’Or, we had decided beforehand to symbolically finish at 12:12 on June 12th.
Mission accomplished!

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The years come and go and the GRGs are similar.
We pass relatively well classified at the halfway point in Rolle but then the winds dropped completely, before rising again in an anarchic way, from the back, which caused a general regroupment and a totally random reshuffling of the cards (positions).

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Our team J70

Considering they barely sailed this year and that the level of the J70 class is very high, our juniors from Lugano who were finally able to participate in a regatta in Malcesine on Lake Garda, obtained very good results:

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X de Sciez 2020

Saturday 12 September was a beautiful day, ideal for (socially distanced) relaxing on the beach, but not for sailing.

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4L Trophy 2020

For the 6th time, ERI is participating in the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally and is entrusting the wheel to two students who will represent ERI on the roads of Morocco

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