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Our 4L finishes 273rd overall

Our 4L finishes 273rd overall

Friday, 28/02/2020
We completed the trails this morning, and are on our way to Marrakesh, which we should reach this evening.
For the time being, we don’t know what our final ranking is, but it probably won’t be amazing – we did the marathon alongside many teams, and even added in a few extra kilometres to take advantage of seeing the country!

Saturday, 29/02/2020
Greetings to everyone at ERI!
We successfully arrived in Marrakesh and are spending the day in the souks.
Yesterday was tough – we spent a long time on the road, but we arrived with the 4L in good condition. We finished 273rd in the final ranking, despite tinkering together some mechanical repairs, which we learned a lot from!
Here are some pictures from our trip on Friday and our meanderings in the Moroccan souks.
We couldn’t be happier with this adventure full of discovery, sharing and learning!

Sunday, 1/03/2020
We only slept about an hour tonight after the closing ceremony and we jumped on the road early this morning. We’re leaving the boat at Algeciras now and are about to tackle the drive up to Spain, the last stage before returning home.
We wish you all a wonderful day, and want to say THANK YOU again to ERI for allowing us to experience this great adventure!

Some pictures

ERI - News - Our 4L finishes 273rd overall