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4L TROPHY 2020 - The adventure goes on !

4L TROPHY 2020 - The adventure goes on !

Saturday, 22/02/2020
After a long day on the road yesterday and a short stopover in Seville to visit the city a bit and give the car a rest, we finally arrived in Algeciras!
We had our first briefing today, and some of the teams have already left on the boat for Morocco. We spent the day shopping in Algeciras and had a great time watching a rugby match that ended in a thrilling victory for the French team!
We’ll get on the road at 4 a.m. tomorrow to catch the ferry to Morocco.
After that, around 490 kilometres await us before we get to Boulajoul, where we’ll experience our first bivouac in Morocco!

Sunday, 23/02/2020
We made it and are waiting in line for the ferry!

Monday, 24/02/2020
We’ve arrived in Tangiers! It was a short night and we have a long day of driving ahead of us. We’ll try not to waste any time so we can get to the bivouac on schedule this evening!

Tuesday, 25/02/2020
Hello ERI!
We spent our first night (a chilly one!) in a Moroccan bivouac at 1700 metres altitude in Boulajoul.
Today we’re headed for the Merzouga dunes and we’ll distribute our gifts to the children in the afternoon. For the moment, we still don’t have any major mechanical problems, and we hope it stays that way!

Louis and Aymeric

Some pictures

ERI - News - 4L TROPHY 2020 - The adventure goes on !