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The OLYMPIC Banking System, developed by ERI, is the state-of-the-art solution for the private banking and wealth management industry.

The Private Banking and Wealth Management business has faced many different crises over the past years. The way to deliver products and services to ever demanding clients has significantly evolved. The regulatory framework in which banks operate is becoming more and more complex and we believe this trend will not slow down in the coming years.

To remain competitive, private banks must adapt their strategies and business model. To be global, they must define a specific product mix and strategies for their markets. Private Banking in Europe is fairly different compared to Asia, where the main focus is more on wealth creation than on wealth preservation and transmission. This impacts bank organization and IT strategies.

Banks' IT systems must evolve to meet new business and regulatory requirements. They must also be flexible to adapt to new business and delivery models. We believe in a solution with a streamlined and centralized IT architecture – a solution which provides the flexibility and agility needed to remain competitive in a changing environment.

The OLYMPIC Banking System provides an integrated approach to fully STP financial service processes and service provision, portfolio management, performance calculation, asset allocation and efficient customer relationship management.

The OLYMPIC Banking System is the most comprehensive solution to support all aspects of private banking. It is delivered with a best practice-based Model Bank which comprises predefined products, transaction templates, input screens, enquiries, menus, 360° customer views, portfolio displays, reports, pre-parameterized system tables and business processes. This approach significantly decreases implementation time and the related costs, as existing components only need to be adapted to meet a bank's specific needs.

With OLYMPIC Banking System, ERI is able to provide its clients with state-of-the art Private Banking and Wealth Management software, allowing them to create a competitive advantage while lowering the costs and optimizing the global performance.

The OLYMPIC Banking System is “The most widely installed private banking system”, states IBS Publishing in its Back Office Systems and Suppliers Guide.

Private Wealth Management - OLYMPIC Banking System