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OLYMPIC Banking System

The OLYMPIC Banking System is a fully-integrated, online, front-to-back, parameter-driven banking solution. The conceptual design of the OLYMPIC Banking System is based around a core system which groups all centralised functions, and offers a wide choice of fully integrated optional modules.

Browser-based, the OLYMPIC Banking System has been designed using the latest technology standards: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), N-tier architecture, database independent and available on various operating systems.

Client centric, the OLYMPIC Banking System is highly parameter-driven allowing rapid changes to be made to the product and its processes.

The application covers multi-currency, multi-country, multi-entity/branch and multi-time-zone requirements, thus enabling the straightforward setup of processing hubs.

The OLYMPIC Banking System supports a broad range of functional domains and business segments through its flexible conceptual design. Within each business line, the OLYMPIC Banking System covers the complete front-to-back cycle through native workflows and/or bank-defined conditional business processes. The use of the latter enables banks to customise their level of automation and interaction with 3rd-party systems.

The OLYMPIC Banking System is delivered with a best practice-based Model Bank which comprises standard pre-defined input screens, enquiries, menus, 360° client views, portfolio displays, reports, pre-parameterised system tables and business processes. This approach significantly decreases implementation time and the related costs, as only existing components need to be adapted to meet a bank's specific needs.

OLYMPIC Banking System strengths
  • Time-to-Market
  • Proven technology
  • 300 references clients worldwide and over 30,000 users
  • Scalability: proven capability to handle large volumes of data
  • An integrated solution covering all Private Wealth Management requirements
  • Future-oriented supplier partner with a proven track record of successful implementation projects
  • International experience
  • Multiple hardware platforms
  • A single database with no redundancy
  • Strong, proven, multi-centre capability
  • A single, parameter-driven version
  • Market leadership in key PWM market
  • Continuous product evolution
  • Fully integrated modules
  • Data security
A genuine real-time solution
  • Online limit checks
  • Online compliance and internal policy controls
  • Online position updates
  • Real-time operations and cash balance updates
  • Real-time generation of accounting entries (no need to wait for EOD posting)
  • Online production of messages – advice slips – statements
  • Real-time enquiries and generation of reports
  • Multi-Channel (Internet Banking – Mobile Phone Banking – iPad Banking)
  • Genuine STP (straight through processing) for both cash and securities-based products

OLYMPIC Banking System is a core banking software covering the bank risk management