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The OLYMPIC Datawarehouse solution and Management Information System (MIS) are flexible decision support systems, allowing the analysis and reporting of the operational results of the Bank. The modules offer a complete and detailed vision of performances, the generation of profits, transaction volumes and portfolios managed in the client database.

The OLYMPIC MIS solution allows the identification and the classification of all transactions in the decision database, which have been generated as a result of banking activity. It highlights a large number of measurement-indicators, to create, analyse and manage reports essential for the bank's management.

Furthermore, the OLYMPIC Financial Dashboard application can be used to check profitability indicators for different aspects of the bank's operations. This management application uses an overview of all sources of income and expenditure to analyse the bank's profitability.

The OLYMPIC Financial Dashboard calculates and shows profitability by client, manager and/or various other criteria, such as geographical region, organisational entity and period, etc.

The application is very user-friendly: managers can open the dashboards with just a few clicks and make decisions based on the key figures at their disposal.

The application can be used to control all the factors which contribute to the bank's success.

Functions available include:

  • Balance sheet data
  • Statistics on client numbers
  • Deposit and withdrawals
  • Client and manager contribution to the bank's financial results
  • Total asset data
  • etc.

Datawarehouse - OLYMPIC Datawarehouse solution and Management Information System (MIS)