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ALM – Asset & Liability Management

OLYMPIC Banking System's rich and open database allows banks and financial institutions easy access to real-time and reliable information required for strategic Asset and Liabilities Management.

The system can provide information required for:

  • Monitoring the Balance sheet mix of Assets and Liabilities
  • Monitoring and management of Assets and Liabilities cashflows
  • Interest Rate Risk exposure management
  • Liquidity requirements and expected cashflows
  • Foreign Currency Risk exposure management
  • Monitoring of Credit Limits and Exposure
  • Identifying Performing and Non-Performing Assets
  • Monitoring Maturities of Assets and Liabilities
  • Management of mismatches between Assets and Liabilities
The OLYMPIC Banking System provides the information which will allow the bank to actively monitor and manage the composition of assets, on or off balance sheet, in order to control the level, mix and cost of funds.

ALM - Asset & Liability Management - OLYMPIC Banking System