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The OLYMPIC Banking System offers a genuine Multi-entity/Multi-branch module making it possible to create multiple entities, with different reporting structures and currency management, within the same database; in addition to an inherent capacity to centralise and consolidate at operational levels such as back-office – treasury – securities order management and application maintenance. Furthermore, OLYMPIC can automatically handle any cross-entity accounting involved in cross-entity transactions.

A group structure can be configured and intermediary consolidation levels are possible through parameter-driven, dedicated applications, allowing an existing structure to be extended or changed at any point in time.

The key distinguishing feature of the OLYMPIC Banking System Multi-Entity & Multi-Branch capacity is the optional facility to define individual General Ledgers and/or fees and conditions for each entity. The Multi-Branch module can also be used to subdivide an entity into multiple branches each with its own and/or shared P&L accounts.

OLYMPIC Banking System offers a genuine Multi-Entity/Multi-Branch module