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Treasury & Money Market

OLYMPIC Banking Systems treasury functionality provides all the transactional requirements in order to manage the banks short and longer term liquidity requirements. Tools are available to the money market dealer (gap and cash flow projection analysis) allowing the bank to view cash flow information and exposures by value date (ON, TN, SN up to 5 days and beyond if necessary) all in real-time. Fully integrated within OLYMPIC's multi-entity capabilities, is the position management functionality which allows the dealer to view the treasury position at different consolidation levels. An FX real-time position blotter provides the bank with net currency positions against local currency with real-time unrealized and realized P&L information in order to manage and monitor currency exposure. The real-time position blotter also provides consolidated and unconsolidated positioning views for different types of FX transactions.

OLYMPIC Banking System provides the bank with a number of types of transaction in order to manage the nostro cash flow and subsequently the banks long and short liquidity requirements. The major transaction types covered are Payments, Loans & Deposits, FX Spots, FX Swaps, NDF's and Deposit Linked Swaps Tools are available allowing the bank to analyse its liquidity cash-flows by currency and on a value date horizon with the possibility to drill down to position movement details at any time.

OLYMPIC can also interpolate the interest rate broken dates for forward pricing and revaluations purposes  for each open currency contract based on the interest rate yield curve defined in the system.

The OLYMPIC Banking System Treasury and Money Market functionality also provides fully automated settlement instructions which feature a manual override facility; accounting entries, message/advice deliveries and position updates are generated automatically by the system when the deal is authorized.

Treasury and MM operations are fully STP in OLYMPIC Banking System. Interbank deposits and loans, client deposits and loans etc. will impact treasury positions and interbank limits in real time. Treasury gap is maintained automatically i.e. positions are grouped by remaining contract duration and displayed at average rate (drill down possible to individual contracts) and by maturity.  Treasury positions can be defined by contract types: a global position containing interbank activity on all books, interbank split by center; interbank + client deposits or only client activity and etc.

The treasury and money market transaction types managed in OLYMPIC Banking System are:

  • Client Call deposits
  • Client Term deposits
  • Client Call Loans
  • Client Term Loans
  • Bank Loans
  • Bank Placements
  • Outright Forward Transaction
  • Currency Swaps
  • Deposit Linked Swaps
  • Forward Rate Agreements
  • Fiduciary contracts
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Non Deliverable Forwards

Treasury & Money Market - OLYMPIC Banking Systems treasury functionality