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Securities Management

OLYMPIC Banking System supports a broad range of financial instruments in the private wealth management area. The securities master file covers a wide variety of product features, price update channel and frequency as well as other relevant product specific data such as historical prices, instrument codes, taxinformation and securities income. Creation and update of securities master details(including price) can be either performed manually or automatically via one or multiple 3rd party market data feed(s).

OLYMPIC Banking System allows the specification of a custodian for each securities transaction, or the use of standard/default instructions. This enables the system to maintain securities positions by custodian at client level, and so it is able to provide securities holdings by custodian. Custody fees are user definable by market, securities, deposit locations and frequency.

Examples of securities instruments:

  • Bonds
  • Indexed bonds
  • Junk bonds
  • Perpetual bonds
  • Sovereign bonds
  • Liquidity bonds
  • Linked bonds (index, inflation, other)
  • Discounted instruments
  • Convertible bonds
  • Fixed & variable interest rates
  • Coupons and accruals
  • Equity/Shares
  • Holder/Nominative shares
  • Mortgage-backed securities
  • Asset-backed securities
  • FRNs
  • MTNs
  • Treasury notes
  • Treasury bills
  • Other note types
  • Certificates
  • Structured products

Functional coverage includes:

  • Multiple messaging protocols (FIX, SWIFT, others)
  • Corporate actions
  • Securities Master File maintenance
  • Accounting for securities positions
  • Administration of quotations
  • Processing of income
  • Processing of redemptions
  • Custody management
  • Data and price feeds
  • Fee management
  • Tax calculation

Securities Management - OLYMPIC Banking System