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PRODUCT - Functions

Payments & Remittances

The OLYMPIC Banking System provides payments-related functionality to cater for all payment types, including internal payments, international payments and local clearing, using freely configurable transaction types. It can also process standing orders, bulk payments (1-to-many, many-to-1 and many-to-many) and cash sweeping.

As an extension of the payment functionality, OLYMPIC Banking System also offers a flexible messaging engine which can be used to create, view, control and monitor any pre-formatted message. The messaging engine complies with all appropriate standards including the latest XML formats.

Functions include:

  • Front-to-back solution
  • Transfer and payment order management
  • Internal transactions
  • Cash bonds
  • Standing orders
  • Payment methods (cheques, debit/credit cards)
  • Bulk payments
  • Direct debits
  • Payment files import
  • Payment slip management
  • Interface for incoming and outgoing SWIFT messages
  • Interface with local and international clearing systems, e.g. RTGS
  • Multi-Messaging Engine (parameterise any message – XML extractor)
  • Implied Foreign Exchange
  • Fees and commissions

Transfers & Payments - OLYMPIC Banking System provides payments-related functionality