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PRODUCT - Functions

Loans & Deposits

The OLYMPIC Banking System has a dedicated set of functions aimed specifically at the management of loans, from loan application through to the final maturity of the loan.

Functional coverage includes :

  • Loan application process
  • Collateral and limit management
  • Charges and fees
  • Set up and simulation of repayment plans
  • Rates' management
  • Instalment monitoring and default management.

The OLYMPIC Banking System also provides banks with the ability to offer their customers deposit and savings accounts (for more information, please see the section on Current and Savings Accounts). Applied interest rates and the implementation of fees and commissions are easily customizable to meet the banks' specific requirements. Transacting over these account types is possible through a variety of different channels such as ATM, teller, e-banking, and mobile banking.

Loans & Deposits - ERI Banking Systems