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PRODUCT - Functions

Fund Management and Administration

The recent growth of the investment funds' market reflects the interest shown in this type of investment by financial institutions keen to diversify their client service offering.
The OLYMPIC Banking System has gained a solid reputation as a flexible and powerful product used for the management and administration of investment funds.

The result is a product that performs the following:

  • Fund creation and management
  • Multiple fund types (umbrella, distribution, capitalization, money market, equities, open-ended, etc.)
  • Multiple share-class funds with specific fees and NAV calculations
  • Fully-customizable fund fees' management (incl. performance fees)
  • Fund subscription, redemption and switches
  • Dividend distributions covering all unit holders
  • Simulation and calculation of the NAV
  • Fund accounting (general ledger, balance sheet, P&L account, off-balance sheet and memorandum accounts)
  • Share register follow-up
  • Automatic reinvestment of the clients' assets
  • Fund pooling
  • Investment limits' control.

Online Consultations
A wide range of data can be accessed by direct consultation, for the fund as a whole or for its securities portfolios, both globally and per security (valuation, performances, security and cash position, investment policy variance control, security and cash transactions' details, movements' accounting details, register of shareholders).

Investment Restrictions
Investment restrictions are user-definable. They can be defined on a fund by fund basis in order to meet the legal and prospectus restrictions. The nature of the restrictions defined can be either quantitative (e.g. holding should not exceed x% of the issuer's capital) or qualitative (e.g. the fund may not invest in a certain instrument type).

Automatic Mirroring of Transactions
The outstanding feature of the module is the automatic reflection in the bookkeeping of the fund of banking transactions already input at the level of the bank, obviating the need for double input. When necessary, internal transactions of a fund can be processed within the fund itself (e.g. expense amortization).

Calculation of the NAV
The NAV can be calculated upon request. The OLYMPIC Banking System simulates revaluations and accruals automatically.

Unrealized portfolio revaluation (as security prices and foreign exchange rates evolve):

  • Currency revaluation
  • Accrued interest
  • Expense accruals
  • Tax calculation
  • Share class NAV calculation based on variation of assets.

A history of NAV calculations is maintained and can be consulted online.

Fund Fees' Management
The dedicated fund fees' module offers a highly flexible parameter-driven tool to manage fund fees. These can be customized according to the funds' characteristics and requirements. The module also allows for third-party information to be included in the calculation of the fees.

Order Management
OLYMPIC Banking System offers a powerful order management system that enables direct input by portfolio managers. Positions are immediately recorded to prevent any redundant orders. A multiple-view inquiry system (e.g. per order, per order issuer or per security) ensures the follow-up of orders. When executed, orders are automatically updated by the OLYMPIC Banking System.

Global processing of dividends' distribution
Dividend distributions are processed globally covering all unit holders. Global processing is also possible for the accumulation of dividends into extra units.

"Intrapooling" is a management technique applied in certain, possibly several, funds. It consists in grouping the management of certain types of assets into so-called ‘pools' or portfolios concentrating assets of one or more given types of funds. Each ‘pool' specializes in a particular type of asset. The goal is to improve performances by means of economies of scale and/or thanks to a specialized management.

Share Class Management
The OLYMPIC Banking System can manage funds with different share classes and allows for their specific fee and NAV calculation.

Umbrella Fund Management
Umbrella funds can be managed within the OLYMPIC Banking System. A unit holder's initial investment across several compartments and subsequent switching is handled automatically.

Fund Management and Administration - ERI Banking System