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Corporate Actions

ERI has developed a fully-integrated Corporate Actions functional suite in order to automate the corporate action processing linked to one or several securities. The high level of STP for Corporate Actions allows banks to achieve extensive automation and productivity in the processing of events, from creation through to the booking of the transactions on client accounts and positions.

OLYMPIC Banking System Corporate Actions provides the possibility to:

  • Automate the creation of an event:
    • By receiving notifications from various providers: Telekurs VDF (EDIFACT format) - S.W.I.F.T. (MT564/568).
    • Through the securities characteristics for periodic events (coupons/dividends).
  • Simplify the management of a corporate action by automating the various processing steps (extract holders, generate linked transactions, automatic booking, etc.).
  • Store and apply holders' standing instructions for voluntary corporate actions.
  • Store and apply the bank's default instructions.
  • Receive the custodian's confirmation via S.W.I.F.T. (MT566).
  • Automate the booking of generated transactions (matching with the custodian's confirmation).
  • Limit operational risks:
    • Through restrictions defined prior to the posting of transactions.
    • Through the generation of warnings throughout an event's cycle.
  • Set up parameters which make it possible to:
    • Define matching rules when creating a corporate action.
    • Define criteria for managing the life cycle of a corporate action.
  • More precisely the bank can:
    • Decide whether or not to proceed to the matching.
    • Define providers of information on which to carry out the matching.
    • Define which data for the automatic creation of corporate actions is to be considered as mandatory.
    • Create corporate actions automatically.
    • Automate the extraction of holders.
    • Automatically apply clients' standing instructions, as well as the bank's default instructions.
    • Automatically generate transactions upon applying the instructions.
    • Automate the booking of transactions following their generation.

Corporate Actions - ERI has developed a fully-integrated Corporate Actions functional suite