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PRODUCT - Functions

Master files - Reference Data

The OLYMPIC Banking System offers financial institutions a solution that can be tailored to the structure of their organisation and specific activity.
To achieve this, our solution leverages a relational database and an ability to manage central repositories. The result is a dynamic, flexible and autonomous system that can be adapted to particular needs.

The master files offer the following possibilities:

  • manage the structure of the institution and handle its future developments
    • different entities, subsidiaries, sites, branches, decision and management centres
    • accounting and tax regulations with which they must comply
    • criteria for assessing and monitoring business operations
  • define the product and service catalogue and create new service provisions
  • centrally define the pricing policy and roll it out using a top-down approach as far as the client and transaction levels
  • describe the third parties associated with an institution and manage the roles, relations and characteristics relevant to them: bank correspondents, brokers, custodians, business providers, external managers, regulatory bodies, account or client operators (proxies and holders, etc.)
  • manage business contacts and all the related data and as a result successfully oversee the establishment of relationships with institutions to win them as clients.

Referential Data - In the OLYMPIC Banking System, accounting can be performed in real-time