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Order Management

The OLYMPIC Banking System supports various options for order input and management.

Orders can be input:

  • directly from the client's portfolio (call-centre functionality)
  • via the OLYMPIC Banking System's Order Book functionality
  • via any OLYMPIC Banking System front-office client application
  • via Internet (e.g. OLYMPIC e-Banking module),
  • via OLYMPIC Portfolio Management System
  • via third-party front-office systems through OLYMPIC's standard APIs.

The OLYMPIC Banking System offers two options for order execution:

  • via a user-definable process flow requiring manual intervention (front-office / back-office)
  • via automated and user-definable STP straight through processing

User-definable process flow

The OLYMPIC Banking System is fully STP enabled, and each transaction will follow defined procedures according to statuses that are attributed to the transaction during processing.

After input, each transaction type is automatically routed to a defined user or user-group for validation. The process flows for each transaction type in each module can be defined in the OLYMPIC system's extensive parameter tables. These parameters can be modified to reflect each institution's products, internal procedures and organisational structure from single input, through the “dual control” principle, to a definable chain of users prior to booking and trade settlement, as well as the generation of all messages and advices to relevant parties.

Order Management - OLYMPIC Banking Software