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The OLYMPIC Banking System's integrated CRM application provides banks with technology that facilitates, strengthens and improves their relationships with clients by means of rationalised automatic facilities:

  • From a marketing perspective, the OLYMPIC CRM module enables evaluation of a client's needs in order to make appropriate business offers.
  • The CRM module also makes it possible to automate sales tasks, providing Marketing with tools helping them with their prospecting tasks (managing contacts and meetings, follow-up, business offers etc.).
  • From a client service management perspective, the CRM module provides access to the history of the relationship between the client and the bank, which is important when making contact as all clients like to be treated as individuals and remembered.

Client opening
The integrated CRM module offers the functionality to define and set-up the process and the number of stages from prospect to client. Mandatory and user-definable documents can be attached to each stage, and different departments of the bank can be defined in the workflow.

The final conversion from “prospect-'' to “client-status” can trigger automatic account(s) opening according to defined criteria.

Customer relation management
With the OLYMPIC CRM application, bank personnel can handle all of their clients' portfolios and

  • set up a profile specific to each client by means of a questionnaire that helps with understanding the client's needs thereby providing customised processing of requests
  • follow up these requests
  • access the history of these requests in the OLYMPIC Banking System.
Task management
With the CRM application, bank personnel can also:

  • plan activities
  • define alerts pertaining to these tasks
  • set-up visit reports.

The OLYMPIC CRM enables bank personnel to fully control contact with their clients, and to meet their clients' needs and requirements with confidence.

CRM - OLYMPIC Banking System's integrated CRM application