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BPM Engine

The OLYMPIC Banking System includes a Business Process Management module based on a workflow engine. It enables a bank to identify and model the business process flows pertaining to its business and integrate them within the OLYMPIC Banking System. "Business process flow" refers to an automated sequence of services (business functions or other) and/or human tasks.

OLYMPIC BPM is an integrated solution enabling process flows and documents to be managed efficiently inside a bank. It also enables processes to be automated and orchestrated, response times to be improved, process flows to be stabilised and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Benefits :

  • reduced manual data input - a potential source of costly errors
  • reduced amount of paperwork needed, thereby reducing costs (printing, stock, old-fashioned forms)
  • increased effectiveness of forms-based processes
  • improved communication within the organisation by faciliting communication between departments.

Processing :

  • creation of a flowchart showing the flow of activities and associated tasks
  • translation and execution of processes
  • verification of the status of processes
  • allocation of tasks to the staff involved
  • security checking, i.e. access permissions to sensitive information
  • verification of time taken for each activity.

Execution aspects:

  • business processes run directly from the OLYMPIC Banking System
  • inclusion of user tasks defined in the OLYMPIC Banking System process flows
  • execution of these tasks
  • notification of new tasks.

Administrative aspects:

  • access to task history
  • access to processes under-way and ability to see which user have processes on hold.

Business aspects:

  • sharing of data between OLYMPIC Banking System and process flows
  • ability to populate OLYMPIC Banking System screens with data from process flows in order to facilitate data entry.

BPM Engine - The OLYMPIC Banking System includes a Business Process Management module