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Archiving & Printing

All information input into the OLYMPIC Banking System is stored and is never deleted. It can be accessed on demand at any time by authorised users (e.g. by drill-down from account balances/securities positions over account movements to detailed transactions and associated accounting sets).
ERI provides dedicated programs to archive OLYMPIC data. These programs are designed to purge system data which can then be archived. This data remains readily accessible and can be reviewed on demand at any time.
The archiving frequency is set in line with the bank's specific needs and obligations, as the only limiting factor to the amount of data held in the OLYMPIC Banking System is the amount of disc space available.
If historic data does not need to be accessed it can be stored externally.
Interfaces to third-party archiving systems can be supported.

With the OLYMPIC Banking System all client output can be defined and modified as required by the bank:

  • Advices and confirmations can be customised per transaction type
  • Account statements
  • Transaction statements (daily or on demand)
  • Modular valuations
  • Fiscal statements
  • Financial statements
  • Listings, journals
  • Statutory reporting (via specialised third-party software)
  • etc.

The integrated OLYMPIC Advice Generator module allows the creation of customisable Client Advices based on OLYMPIC Data Variables and free text. Particular variables can be created by the bank itself. Specific advices can be created by:

  • Transaction type
  • Client type
  • Portfolio type
  • Language.

The OLYMPIC Reporting Services module can enable the bank to produce high-quality reports quickly and easily. The reports are generated in real-time, either on request or in an automated manner, in PDF format. They can be multilingual, full colour, and can include charts.

Statutory reports and statements are automatically produced, in compliance with current regulations.

Archiving & Printing - All information input into the OLYMPIC Banking System is stored and is never deleted