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OLYMPIC Enterprise Interface
The design of the OLYMPIC Enterprise Interface is based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles, and is intended to be plugged into an Enterprise Service Bus. Synchronous and asynchronous services are available, and these reflect the business transactions of the OLYMPIC Banking System, as well as the related SQL queries.

Services related to transactions are implemented efficiently by calls to the business components of OLYMPIC's Business Engine.

All business components available within OLYMPIC Banking System are accessible as web services. This provides a convenient way to build Composite Banking Systems, or to implement specific user channels.

Services related to SQL queries provide a flexible and reliable method of interfacing the OLYMPIC Banking System at the database level. Whenever OLYMPIC services are related to SQL insert queries, they may (but are not obliged to) be associated with efficient import mechanisms, which allow various business constraints to be enforced. This typically provides a robust and efficient import mechanism, able to cope with high transaction volumes.

The services handled by the OLYMPIC Enterprise Interface are published in line with current market standards (JAXB, JAX-WS, WS-Trust, WS-Security or WS-Addressing, for example). This ensures effective interoperability and a high level of security. The OLYMPIC Banking System has an open architecture, and includes a flexible integration layer designed to making it straightforward to interface to any third-party systems.

A large number of standard interfaces are readily available in a packaged format. These interfaces cover data/price providers, for example:

  • SWIFT - Messaging
  • SIX Financial Information VDF
  • SIX Financial Information FININFO
  • Bloomberg
  • Thomson Reuters
  • MISYS Kondor+
  • Aqua Global e2gen MM
  • SwallowTech CaratPOS
  • SwallowTech CaratSEC
  • SmartStream TLM
  • STERCi GTSuite

Market Data Feed - OLYMPIC Enterprise Interface is based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)