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ERI - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  1. Introduction
  2. ERI Banking Software Limited operates a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

  3. Human Rights
  4. Definition

    ERI Banking Software Limited respects human rights in accordance with international standards, including The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and all applicable regional legislation where ERI Banking Software Limited operates.

    The values protected by human rights fall mainly into the following categories:

    • moral integrity and social standing, which in particular encompass feelings, respect, dignity and professional reputation
    • individual freedoms, which in particular include the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, sexual freedom and the right to be different
    • the private domain, which encompasses personal privacy, i.e. the actions individuals wish to keep to themselves, as well as the private life, i.e. the events an individual chooses to share with a relatively small group of people, irrespective of whether said events are related to the individual's occupation.
  5. Anti-Corruption
  6. Definition

    ERI Banking Software Limited complies with the legislation, rules and regulations in the countries where it operates, in particular anti-corruption laws.

    ERI Banking Software Limited does not tolerate corruption or any other form of bribery, including facilitation payments. The company does not offer or accept any inclusive benefits in the course of its business dealings.

    Employees are not permitted to offer or accept gifts, or arrange to obtain or seek guarantees to obtain direct or indirect benefits, without the Management's prior authorisation.

  7. Environment
  8. Definition

    Within the current restrictions of serviced offices, ERI Banking Software Limited undertakes to be environmentally responsible in all its business dealings and to promote sustainable development.


    Computer equipment (servers, desktop and laptop computers) is regularly replaced pursuant to manufacturer recommendations, in order to take advantage of the latest technological advances in energy efficiency.

    Printers are set to black-and-white and two-sided printing by default in order to reduce ink and paper consumption.

    ERI Banking Software Limited has implemented an enterprise knowledge database and toolbox (enterprise wiki software application) to foster collaboration using an electronic resource instead of hard-copy documents, in order to reduce paper consumption.


    Each desk has a wastepaper bin. The paper in these bins is collected every evening for recycling by a specialist firm employed by the Landlord.

    PET, glass, batteries and aluminium waste for recycling is also collected from all offices in the building including the office occupied by ERI Banking Software Limited. This type of recyclable waste is then identified by a specialist company and sent to the local London Borough for recycling.

    Empty toner cartridges are collected in the same way as glass batteries aluminium etc and recycled accordingly by the specialist firm employed by the Landlord

    Old computer hardware is also collected for sorting and destruction.

  9. Health and Safety
  10. Definition

    ERI Banking Software Limited undertakes to protect the health and safety of its employees in the workplace.

    Within the confines of the serviced offices occupied by ERI Banking Software Limited, the Company aims to comply with the terms of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAW) by providing such measures as are possible to protect the wellbeing and Secuirty of its employees. This is evidenced in the Health and Safety Policy Statement and The Health and Safety Policy.

    ERI Banking Software Ltd has a Health and Safety officer in its workforce. Said officer is charged with assessing the health and safety risks for the employees and makes recommendations to the employer on occupational health and safety matters and ensuring that the requirements relating thereto are upheld.

    Various facilities are fitted and provided throughout the building in order to protect all occupants of the building including the employees of ERI Banking Software Limited:

    • Fire detection system
    • Evacuation alarm system
    • Extinguishers
    • Anti-intrusion system
    • CCTV and access control system
    • Evacuations plans for the premises are documented in the ERI Banking Software Limited offices with a Floor plan showing the Fire Escape Route Points. Instructions on what action to take in the event of an emergency are available through the Health and Safety Officer.
    • Regular evacuation drills (three to four per year) and a full terrorist emergency evacuation once per year are carried to familiarise occupants of the building with the emergency evacuation procedures.
  11. Investment in the community
  12. Definition

    ERI Banking Software Limited is involved in charitable activities to support local and international communities.

  13. Professional procurement
  14. Definition

    ERI Banking Software Limited is committed to undertake procurement activity to the highest professional and ethical standards and to fully comply with the terms of The Bribery Act 2010.

ERI - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)